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Today I have a chat with Dave Kemp, aka DTO.

Here are some points that we cover during our discussion.

- The role as a teacher on the path to his highest self.

- Music in the family, burning through the fog in the teenagers life.

- Personalizing the learning to the student.

- Traveling and staying grounding.

- How do you support yourself to show up as your best self.

- Anchor leading by example. 

- Staying grounded to become more resilient, nourishment.

- Music as a tool to influence change, consciousness and facilitate deepening an experience.

- Music and memory.

- Creating an experience in the yoga class.

- creativity is a living energy that chooses us as an outlet.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


DTO videos on Bandcamp

DTO Music on Bandcamp


Opening music, Sacred Connection - Sacral Chakra - Infinite Energy

Earth - Nameless Energy

Closing music, Cosmic Grounding  - Nameless Energy


Thank you for listening!

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